DIY Fixing Garden Planters: Wiring Technique For Cracks

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DIY Fixing Garden Planters: Wiring Technique For Cracks

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When your favourite planter has decided to go on its rebellious phase by literally breaking down on you, then you will have no choice but to take extreme measures by fixing it up yourself instead of bothering to go to the store and buying a new one (you spend too much time by the TV anyway so might as well just go outside and do some actually physical labour that does not need you to sweat it out like when mowing). So here is a way for you to fix up those cracking planters and the already cracked planters to give them a new beginning.  

Equipment needed for the technique implementation

A drill; 1/8” masonry drill bit is recommended
Non rusting wire (brass or copper recommended)

How to get going on the whole DIY planter-fixing technique

Unlike doing silicone caulking where you just have to kind of put the caulk in and then leave it till it fixes itself, using the traditional technique of wiring the pot properly makes the planters last longer and you can also use it on any sized planter or any material that you can drill into.

Firstly you need to tightly wrap the planter with twine thread or some sort of cord (around the circumference from top to bottom) to make sure the pot stays together (flaws and all). Then you will need to start the drilling process by making a tiny hole on each side of the crack and below the rim of the planter you got from the sale of garden pots Melbourne at You will need to execute this activity very gently and extremely carefully as the crack could get worse or the whole planter could just break apart on you too.  So do your best to hold the hand steady and so some meditation while you are drilling about half an inch away from the crack. Depending on the length of the crack you will need to drill more holes down the crack line itself. Usually the spacing between the drilled holes (from one another) should be around 2.5inches to 4 inches apart. Repeat the meditative chants and steady hands while you are going through the process.

After you are done drilling enough holes in cracks of garden pots in Adelaide, then you will need to put the non-rusting wire into one set of the opposing holes and thread them to leave the loose end of the wire on the inner side of the planter. Then using pliers or some tool to hold the wire, pull tightly till the planter has adjusted itself properly and accordingly to hide the cracks perfectly. Twist the ends of the wire and flatten against the inside of the planter (since the loose ends were on the inner side) to finish off the job.

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