Health Is Wealth To All Of Mankind

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Health Is Wealth To All Of Mankind

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The World Health Organization has classified health as a complete combination of physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely been without a disease.  Accordingly, to be a healthy person physical, mental and social wellbeing has to be taken care of.  Health also contributes to a nation’s economic development as people with poor health will not contribute fully to the development process which in turn will affect the economy.

A healthy diet, good habits, physical exercises, stress management are some of the components that are essential for healthy living. Therefore people should cultivate these assets to live a healthy life.

A good night’s sleep

It should be noted that in addition to the above components, sleep is also important to stay healthy.  Some studies have revealed that too little as well as too much sleep leads to health problems.  Getting more or less sleep has shown to increase the risk of obesity, heart disease, blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes.  Doctors’ strictly advice one to take seven to nine hours of sleep per night for adults. Although most of the people know that a good night’s sleep is important for a healthy life, it is unfortunate that they do not give priority for this matter and end up being sick.  It should also be emphasised here how important it is for a  person to examine lifestyle factors that affect one’s sleep, qualitatively and quantitatively – such as stress, stimulants, heavy work schedules, bedtime habits etc.

Different sleep positions

When talking about sleep, sleep positions too have health benefits while some positions leads to snoring, heartburn, neck and back pain and even to have premature wrinkles.   People are used to sleep in the positions of back, side and stomach. Many health websites describes each of these positions giving healthiest positions. Electric adjustable beds that are available in different sizes in the market play a vital role to get a good night’s sleep.  

These electric adjustable beds helps to prevent back pains as they help to keep the spine aligned.  Therefore it is advisable to go for these types of beds to avoid back pains at the latter part in life. Good habits such as personal hygiene – bathing, brushing teeth, washing hands using soap, cleanliness in preparing food also contributes to live a healthy life. 

Health is a very important factor in our life. It leads to good living with full benefits.  If you are not healthy you cannot get the best out of life.

Stress management is also a very essential component of electric hospital beds a well rounded healthy life.  Stress affects each person in different ways and it helps to keep you happy.  It doesn’t affect only one person.  It disturbs not only the people concerned but people beyond.  If one is stressed it will naturally affect the immediate family and go to relations and thereafter affect a wider society.  Stress will keep you worrying and unhappy which will eventually make you unhealthy life. We should always try to control stress.  If you live alone it doesn’t matter as it will affect only yourself.

In childhood stress must be noticed by parents and do whatever possible to avert them.  Once stress is controlled you will be a more useful person to your family, relations and to the society. 

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