4 Tips For Getting Rid Of Or Selling Reclaimed Wood

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4 Tips For Getting Rid Of Or Selling Reclaimed Wood

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You must understand how valuable antique wood is if you are planning on buying anything in the market. The best wood are those which are sold by sellers who know what they are talking about. Here are some tips for selling wood which is reclaimed:

Focus on the Species
The best way to determine the wood value is to find species of wood which is more valuable in size and quality. If you have reclaimed timber which is rare and not available in the local stores or market you will be able to sell it for a high price. If the wood you have is simply a few years old it can be purchased anywhere and not many people will be keen to buy it. Keep in mind that longleaf pine and American chestnut are more valuable than hemlock and spruces. You must be able to identify the wood properly and if you are unsure take some good photos and email them to someone who knows about wood.

Think about the dimensions
You must understand that large timber wood has greater value placed upon it but American chestnut and long leaf pine at times can be more valuable than large timber wood. Remember that fir, spruces and softwood often carry a low value. You can use beams to support the boards too.

The condition matters
The condition of the white oak or reclaimed timber items must be in top notch shape. The wood must be ready to be sawn out. You must make sure the boards are not damaged as they will be worth very little if they are damaged. You must keep in mind that large timber might have very little resaw value especially if they are rotten and are filled with insects. You must try and stack the wood indoors when it is raining, you can try covering or allowing the air to move around the wood easily too. You must understand that wood which is painted carries a low value.  

Think about the quantity
Most buyers who want to buy reclaimed wood try to buy it in large amounts as much as they can. If you have a large quantity of quality wood it will be worth a lot of money to you. If you do have a large quantity of timber the value will improve if the shipping costs can be minimized. If wood is stacked in places where you cannot reach them it will lose its value. Remember to focus on the ring density of the wood. You must understand that the slow growth of a tree will make for great high quality wood. You must look for tree rings which are close together! Think about these tips the next time you are trying to purchase reclaimed wood. For more info about furniture in Sydney, visit http://www.woodburyhouse.com.au/

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